Movie Talk DVDs for Advanced Learners (EuroTalk)

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From Movie Talk French: "Au coeur de la loi"

These DVD-ROMs run on computers equipped with a DVD-ROM drive and cannot be played on a domestic DVD player. The Movie Talk series is aimed at advanced language learners and is based on authentic movies of between 50 minutes and 112 minutes in length - the complete movie being stored on the DVD. The complete series consists of:

Each DVD is divided into six sections:

In addition, it is possible for the learner to select his/her support language, e.g. a Spanish MT speaker learning French could select Spanish as the support language. Individual learners' names are stored, with a record of their score, the date on which they last used the DVD, and the total number of sessions in which they have used it.


Home-user licence: £24.99

Educational prices:

Prices are calculated according to the number of concurrent users, i.e. the number of computers that will run the program at any one time:

You pay a once-only charge for the LanguageLab network CD-ROM and then pay for each language CD-ROM according to the number of computers that will run the program at any one time. For example, if you have already paid 220.00 for a 20-100 user licence for a version of the program in one language, then each subsequent version that you buy in other languages will cost you 110.00 per language.

Postage and packing for EuroTalk products is free within the UK and priced at cost for delivery to other countries.